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Business Planning and Financial Modeling

When starting a new business or acquiring one, the first important step is to draw up a business plan. An appropriate business plan and financial model is capable of the following:

  • setting out the shareholders’ overall expectations;
  • setting out the management’s market expectations;
  • presenting the earnings and cash-flow expectations of the business;
  • enabling the measurement of the management (senior and middle managers);
  • enabling sensitivity analyses to be performed;
  • assisting negotiations with external financing partners (suppliers, banks);
  • preparing for a transaction process aimed at expanding/changing the shareholding structure of the company.

Establishing the goals of business planning and the requirements of the end-users are critical to the efficiency of the financial modeling task, since these points, along with relevant industry-specific factors, form the backbone of the financial model.

In the case of complex models, we provide a user manual to our clients to make application of the model easier following completion of the project.