Business Valuation

The value of an operating company is the present value of the future cash flows; consequently, the value of a company may differ significantly from the value of its assets. The estimation of the value of an operating company therefore requires a complex approach. Our corporate valuation work can involve valuating an operating company or valuating a group of assets.

The most frequent reasons for using our business valuation services are the following:

  • Intention of performing a transaction (disposal, capital raising, acquisition)
  • Continuous monitoring of the company’s value
  • Tax-related matters
  • Accounting-related matters
  • Legal disagreements
  • Regulatory-related matters

Our business valuation work is performed in accordance with the standards of international investment banks. We establish the value range of the business based on cash-flow, comparable market data and other methods (asset valuation, margin-based valuation, economic value added), while also considering factors specific to the situation and the industry.