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Post-Transaction Services

The success of a disposal, capital raising or acquisition strategy only partly depends on the success of the transaction process. Executing the planned strategy after the transaction is equally important from the perspective of the investor. Since we gain in-depth knowledge of the company and the goals of the investor during the transaction process, we can provide our clients with appropriate assistance post-transaction as well. Depending on the investment strategy, we provide services in the following areas:

  • Strategic monitoring: By continuously monitoring changes in the industry and the investment environment, we can assist clients and/or investors in fine-tuning their corporate strategy in time as well as advise on the timing and method of selling their holdings.
  • Add-on acquisition consulting: It is a common strategy to grow a business through further acquisitions. We support our clients for continuing their growth strategy building on our previously acquired.
  • Re-financing, sale of assets: We are able to provide support in the structural changes, transaction/financing steps by supporting in re-financing or sale of assets after completing an acquisition.