Rajk Laszló College Foundation

The Rajk László College is the first college of the Corvinus University of Budapest and in the country as well. A college is a group of friends, a learning community and a student organization at the same time. The purpose of the institution’s establishment was to nurture talent, but it means much more for its members and for the Hungarian education system. The college helps its members to develop themselves, to set goals and to achieve them, and also prepares them for societal issues.

Rajk attracts not only talented students, but also outstanding professors, who are honored to teach here. In the college, students have the opportunity to learn from the best experts and exchange ideas with them in courses run for 4-8 people.

During its 50 years of existence, more than 800 people have completed their studies at the college, they constitute the Rajk alumni today.

Heal Partners has been providing financial support to Rajk’s education system for years, and we also contribute to its operation through personal work.